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Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling

Prospective Clients:

At Downstream Construction, we try to utilize every tool at our disposal to deliver projects that both we as the builder and our clients can be proud of! Part of this process is developing comprehensive energy models for all of our new builds.

An energy model is essentially a digital version of your future home input into a software program that allows us to glean several critical pieces of information, including:

  1. Heating/Cooling Design Loads – how much energy your home will require to heat it at specific points in the year – this assists with the sizing of your heating equipment
  2. Energy Consumption – How much energy it takes to operate your heating system, domestic hot water heater, lights and appliances, etc
  3. Energy Costs – approximations of how much it will cost to operate your home on a yearly basis

More important than these specific values, however, is how your design can affect any/all of them. As a Design/Build construction firm, we can carefully evaluate different design features on your house and input them into the model to determine how they affect the performance of your home. This takes out any guesswork and allows us to deliver a proven commodity – before any shovels actually hit the dirt!

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If you’re a builder in the neighborhood and are interested in having an energy model performed on your next build, contact Downstream today! We can work with you in the design or post design process to help you deliver a superior product to your clients.