Downstream Construction LTD
Liam O’Callaghan

Liam O’Callaghan

Meet Liam

Fixer Of All Things, Aspirant Equipment Operator, Doer Of Deeds

From an island in the sea to an island in the sky; Liam moved to Leadville from Martha’s Vineyard in 2011. His early days in Leadville eventually led him to a degree in sustainability from CMC (AKA: See Me Ski). After a few years of “figuring it out”, Liam subsequently developed a wide range of skills, without perfecting any of them. 

As obsession for sport wanes with age, He finds satisfaction in the grind of keeping life together and trying to put the pieces together. Despite the efforts of our education system, Liam has found a good life working with his hands and fixing his own necessities. 

Fun Facts About Liam:
  • Grease Monkey, meet Stone Monkey: Liam is crucial to fixing the myriad pieces of equipment in Downstream’s arsenal. When he isn’t doing that, he’s putting up first ascents around the Ark Valley or trembling on the big walls of the Black Canyon.
  • Has a hilarious dog with a gorgeous underbite.
  • Begrudgingly paces his Fiancée on absurdly long runs over arduous terrain.