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Erik Rodriguez

Erik Rodriguez

Meet Erik

Lead Carpenter

Erik was born in San Bernardino, California and served as Norma and Eleuterio Rodriguez’s crash course to parenthood (i.e. their firstborn). 5 years later the family uprooted and moved to Colorado to enjoy what the mountains had to offer. After coming up through the school system in Leadville, Erik graduated in 2009 – not as the head of his class but closer to the tail. However, this would not temper Erik’s desire to achieve great things. He took his love of math and all of the lessons learned from wrestling, cross country, soccer, and track & field and applied it carpentry – where he excels beyond most. Having a family ingrained in the trades, he spent his childhood on the jobsite. Through all of this he found his passion for framing.

In addition to his devotion to his craft, Erik is also devoted to his family. He has three beautiful children that keep him on his toes. Carmen, his eldest, taught Erik his most valuable lesson in life – how to be a father. In 2014 Erik married the love of his life and Partner in crime, and soon sired his youngest son, Elias, and recently welcomed a new daughter into the world, Alyssia. Throughout all of this time, Erik has been determined to be well rounded and looks forward to amplifying his current skills, while simultaneously adding others as time goes on.

Erik’s Favorite Activities
  • Camping, Hiking, Fishing
  • Soccer
  • Hanging out at the lake enjoying Carne Asada