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About Us

About Us

The following statements reflect our values here at Downstream. These “We Believe” statements are a concise way for us to convey to you what our guiding principles are, as well as where we place the emphasis in the building process in addition to our general philosophy.

  1. WE BELIEVE that communication between builder and client is key. Clear lines of communication ensure that everyone is on the same page and reduces the likelihood of tensions flaring during this sometimes stressful endeavor. 
  2. WE BELIEVE in maintaining a clean and orderly work-site. Not only does this increase job-site safety, but it also embodies our passion to maintain control of entropy at every opportunity.
  3. WE BELIEVE in trying to build in a way that reduces the carbon footprint of both the building process and the operational carbon that goes into maintaining and “running” your house for it’s entire lifespan. Not only will this give the client a superior product, but it will aid in the ongoing war against climate change.
  4. WE BELIEVE in forming a realistic schedule, and sticking to it. This allows us to meet our clients expectations, while also allowing us to thrive as a company.
  5. WE BELIEVE in completing as many of the building phases “in house” as possible; this helps us maintain quality control and deliver a product that lives up to our high standards.
  6. WE BELIEVE in taking a holistic approach to the building process. This means that we subscribe to the “building-as-a-system” mindset; that changing any one thing in a house can have lasting effects on a myriad of other house components/systems.
  7. WE BELIEVE in setting up our trade partners (sub-contractors) for success. This means we will have the site ready for them upon their arrival, provide help where necessary, and do our best to ensure our schedules align.
  8. WE BELIEVE in following industry best practices, no matter what phase of construction it applies to. Whether it’s the best way to flash a window or using the correct fastener for the job, Downstream is committed to doing the highest quality work, even if that means our price is higher than the next guy’s.